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About Your Security

Want a secure way of transporting your important documents that is also quick, reliable and competitively priced?

If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. Manston Express Transport can securely deliver your important parcels, letters, packages or documents from door to door and guarantee on-time delivery.

Unlike many courier companies, when we deliver important and urgent packages, we do not go to a central warehouse facility first. 

We just head straight to the package’s intended destination; meaning that the only person besides the driver that sees your package after it leaves your hands is the recipient at the other end.

For very important documents and packages, we will even ensure that it is kept with the driver on the passenger side of his vehicle. This allows you even more confidence that the package will arrive safely and on time.

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Why people choose us

All of our vehicles are fully secure and sealed, meaning that no-one can break in and retrieve our precious cargo. While all our drivers are reliable and trustworthy, for your own peace of mind the driver is always contactable. This means that we always know exactly where your consignment is and therefore how far away it is from its intended destination.

Any non urgent parcels or packages can also be stored in our large and secure storage warehouse. Around 3,000 sq ft, our warehouse can hold any number of your items and will be ready to be transported whenever you want.

With enhanced vehicle security, trustworthy and fully contactable drivers and a secure compound in which to store your valuable and important documents, Manston Express Transport is the obvious choice for your courier needs.

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